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A Somerset County NJ 4H Club.


We are 4H Computers

Our club is for people who are interested in computers, and want a way to share their ideas with others. In doing this, they can get help from other members who may know the answers to their questions. We have many donated computers and electronics hardware that members can experiment and learn with, as well as a 3D printer which members can request parts be printed on, and a server on which we can host certain projects. And in August, we have the 4H fair, where members can have the experience of sharing their projects with the public, and teaching people all of what they learned. We established this club in November of 2017. Some projects members have done include: building websites and working with web protocols, setting up servers, building messaging bots, building hardware robots, and more. We also went on a field trip to the Rutgers Makerspace, to learn about 3D printing in biomedical engineering. The goal of our club is for members to be able to use their experience with us to help people outside of 4H. While no prior experience is neccesary, and we would be happy to teach you about the various concepts we are familiar with, we find that members who are already somewhat knowledgeable about computers tend to have a better experience.

Age Group

We have members at many different ages, but most of them are in middle school or high school.

Meeting Dates and Times

We meet every first and third Friday, from 7PM to 9PM. The 9PM ending time is not concrete during COVID-19. This used to be the time that the 4H center closed, but now, since we are online, we can make our meetings last however long we want.


During normal times, we would meet at the Ted Blum 4H Center, but we are virtual at the moment, and so we are meeting on Discord.

Contact and Join

Let's get in touch.

Have you or your parent email Paul Westbrook at pswestbrook@gmail.com. Mr. Westbrook is our club's main adult leader, alongside Nada Boustany, the coleader. In addition, you may join our Discord server using the link below. Once you are on the Discord, an admin will grant you the member role, and you may feel free to ask questions or join our next meeting in its Discord voice channel.

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